Artist bio

REECEs music reveals a vulnerable, vital, and vibrant alternative R&B poet whose vocal range proves just as expansive as his emotional spectrum. Thats why he immediately stirred up a buzz amongst listeners everywhere in 2015. Pigeons & Planes premiered his stirring, soulful single Dont Go, and it quietly amassed over 575,000 Spotify streams, while the Bad Paris/Jumpa remix amassing over 1MM streams in less than a years time.

REECE has drawn praise from Indie Shuffle, The Hundreds, Hillydilly, Tune Core, Tidal, and many others. Makeup maven Amanda Steele placed him on her Gateway compilation alongside Joey Bada$$, Pell, Saba, Tink, and more. He made his live debut opening up for Angel Haze and signed a publishing deal with Sony/BMG. Everything set the stage for the release of his 2017 debut EP Im Not Sure Yet.