Rafael Vigilantics

Artist bio

Formerly a Portland based artist who blurred the line between Hip-Hop and folk, Vigilantics has now taken a step further into experimental rock and folk sprinkled with grit and soul. As a gypsy crooner, Vigilantics uses his haunting, unique voice to craft music that is unpredictable, beautiful and memorable. Now located in Los Angeles, he has been actively putting the final touches on his new album Orleans.

Vigilantics is a storyteller, and knows no confines with his musical expression and puts an emphasis on making music that requires a visual pairing. He partnered with director Sarah Remetch to bring the story of Ramblin Bones to life, which gives life to a track that feels pure, honest and timeless. The video is visually stunning and quickly captivates the viewer with his brutal honesty and dark narrative.

Vigilantics has put in the hard work and the hard times and I'll be damned if it doesn't show him come thru the other side to light up for us. His lyrics sound more like a confession then a hip-hop song. His music sounds more like an ominous war-drum than a rap track. His cadence more like a motorcycle ride thru the desert than a steady flow. His tone is fierce yet pleading. Think Iggy Pop forces Roy Orbison to rap at gunpoint while Bukowski watches. If you like P.O.S and Aesop Rock, chances are you'll like Rafael Vigilantics; if you don't like hip-hop at all, chances are it wont change how you feel about him. He doesn't sound like much of anything we've ever heard before, self described as "the noise before the sound" and "SEARCH-AND-DESTROY-HIP-HOP."