Radical Dads

Artist bio

Radical Dads is a band that sounds like standing next to a body of water and noticing that something is moving just underneath the surface and then realizing that actually nothing is moving, its just that your glasses are broken and you have no idea how it happened. Also your elbow is scraped up and you think something just caught on fire in the distance you can see the glow and smell it a little. There is a junkyard nearby, where something is about to happen, or is already happening.

Radical Dads features Lindsay Baker on guitar #1 and vocals. Chris Diken plays guitar #2. Robbie Guertin plays the drums and also sings. Theyve been friends for 15 years and started Radical Dads in 2008.

The bands first album, Mega Rama, was released by Uninhabitable Mansions in June of 2011.

Radical Dads live in Brooklyn, practice in Gowanus, and currently concern themselves with amplification and the anthropomorphism of marine life.