Printz Board

Artist bio

A Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Grammy Winner, Musical Director add Entrepreneur, Visionary and now Artist to the mix, and these multi-hyphenates only begin to reveal the vibrant creative realms of Printz Board.

From the age 10, Printz picked up the trumpet, Cause I knew Ill be able to sling that on my back and then make it do what it do, he remembers. As a trumpeter, he explored the vast parameters of jazz and music that instigated his journey from his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where music legends like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Eagles and P-Funk stoked his imagination with genre-defying artistry.

Relocating to San Diego State College, he had to decide a career between music and soccer and added the classical greats, Rachmaninoff, Mendelssohn, Debussy and Stravinsky to his eclectic mix of musical influences. All the classical stuff that made me spin me round. Migrating to Los Angeles, he then met a band that needed a keyboard player. Over time this band evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, the super group Black Eyed Peas.

To the millions of BEP fans around the world, Printz has been an essential part of the ingredients in this monumental, hit-making machine and groundbreaking juggernaut. Printz was the co-writer of such signature smashes like Where is the Love, Dont Phunk with My Heart, and Meet Me Halfway, onstage, Printz is the musical director commanding the bands colossal 85,000 capacity, live stadium shows. If we have to take a left turn on stage, I have to coordinate and facilitate this. Im internally making sure that all the parts inside the clock are working, he explains.

As a songwriter, producer and musician, Printz contributes to an extensive spectrum of artists including; Chris Brown, Dr. Dre, Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry to name a few. um, you know, Im not good at gassing myself up but, the list does go on

In 2001, he founded his production company Beets and Produce, Inc. and has enlisted a dedicated creative team working in music, films, TV and commercials. Recently, he has expanded Beets and Produce Inc, into a progressive multi-media entertainment hub which now encompasses Talent Management, Music Publishing, Record Label and New Media with various new artists and projects in development.

However, 2013, will see Printz Board in a very different light. Instead of being the guy behind the scenes, he will now be the front man by releasing his debut solo artist album, entitled Board Games. Currently, hes in the studio, making those final tweaks and fine-tuning all the songs whilst the Beets and Produce team is gearing up for the releases of two smoldering singles #1 and Hey You in time for the summer. Printz describes his debut album as a romantic comedy, built around my life experiences, It is definitely 'my movie. He says the sonic travelogue embodies London to Iceland to Hong Kong to New Zealand and everywhere else Ive been.

Peas fans will appreciate the hook-heavy song craft and funkier-than-thou beats. Printz anoints these hypnotic sounds with a left of center freshness and a striking originality.

During Printzs down time, he enjoys fishing and is an avid movie fan, I got my bowling ball in my car, always too. I like normal people stuff. That said, observing, absorbing and engaging in modern culture is crucial to his creative vision. People ask me why I go out five nights a week. Its because I live in Los Angeles, where there is always something going on, but Im studying the lifestyle, the fashion, the movement and I can see the society and the community Im giving my music to. For me as an artist, I want to stay in front of the times.