Potty Mouth

Artist bio

After playing in a few bands, Ally Einbinder set out to form an all-girl punk band, frustrated with some of the limitations and discomforts she felt playing in bands without entirely female membership. Linking up with guitarist/vocalist Abby Weems, drummer Victoria Mandanas, and guitarist Phoebe Harris, bassist Einbinder formed Potty Mouth in mid-2011, a quartet with a sound rooted in moody '90s indie rock, the SST catalog, and some reflections of the spirit of the riot grrrl movement. They took their name from the title of an album by seminal riot grrrl group Bratmobile, though in interviews they denied any overt political agenda. Some members still in their teens, the group played out and recorded frequently, issuing the Sun Damage EP on 12" vinyl in 2012 and working toward the release of their 2013 full-length debut, Hell Bent.