Poor Remy

Artist bio

Poor Remy is a group of three gentlemen who moved to Brooklyn after graduating from Kenyon College in 2012. Our our first EP 'Still Sleeping' was recorded in the ancient studio under the campus bookstore and received some great attention from the blogosphere! The music erupted out of 3 intimate relationships which were cultivated in an intellectual environment filled with discussions of Hegel, Ultimate frisbee, french literature, and girls. Writing music is a way for us study ourselves and each other. Poor Remy makes manifest our most passionate obsessions about the world as an offering of ourselves, framing this liberal arts experience as a self-portrait. When we offer our voices, our hands and our fingers, we offer our entire selves to the viewer or listener. We offer our struggles, our explorations, our weaknesses and our idiosyncrasies. Our hope is that the message communicated by our music is bold and raw, and for those who identify with the ideas to gain some insight into their own life, even if that insight is just the joy of hearing us leave it all out there.