Polly Scattergood

Artist bio

Polly Scattergood (born 1987, Colchester, Essex, England), is a British singer-songwriter. She has been described as ethereal, dark, intense and quirky, while her musical style has been described as "early 21st century electro-dance-pop of London proper". Scattergood's debut album, self-titled, was released in spring 2009 in the United Kingdom and United States. It received mixed, but generally positive, reviews.

Polly Scattergood was released 9 March 2009 in the United Kingdom. and on 19 May in the United States.

Scattergood has confirmed via her Twitter account that she is currently recording her second studio album. A demo for the rumored lead single titled "New York, New York" has been leaked to the internet. The album is called Arrows and later the release date was confirmed to be 23 September 2013 in the US and the album consists of 10 songs.

Source: Wikipedia