Artist bio

PISCES is my folk/art/indie project. I wrote most of the songs while on tour with my band Happy Hollows. They started coming to me in spurts, always while there was a big magical full moon out.

Charlie, the bass player of Happy Hollows, heard my demos, and had the idea that I record with the genius who is Joel Morales of the band Dios. We both loved Joel's production style on his records.

We approached Joel, and I became the first artist, besides his own music, that he took on. He found an abandoned studio apartment in downtown LA , and he set up shop, and recorded me in the kitchen! :)

I also gotta give props to our man Dave Newton, who we recorded a few of the drum and bass tracks with! :)

Also, my boys Charlie and Chris (our former drummer from Happy Hollows) played the bass and drums on the recordings!