Perry Farrell & Satellite Party

Artist bio

There are people who follow trends and there are those that set them. Since first bursting out of the L.A. club scene in the late '80s, Perry Farrell has been in the latter category, emerging as one of music's most influential figures and cultural leaders. Now, in his first musical endeavor in four years, Farrell is launching his most anticipated creation to date: Satellite Party, an ambitious new musical group with a bold conceptual album entitled Ultra Payloaded (Columbia Records) that will further cement his status as one of music's true revolutionaries.

After assembling what would become one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Jane's Addiction, Farrell conceived Lollapalooza, the seminal music festival that encapsulated youth culture and launched the traveling concert experience touring industry in the US. With a successful transformation from a "touring rock show" to a "destination festival" in 2005, Lollapalooza gave Chicago its largest party in the city's history with 180,000 people attending over a three day weekend in 2006. Now Farrell is preparing a new chapter with his artistic endeavors through his landmark Satellite Party project.

The idea behind Satellite Party was born out of Farrell's passionate belief that people can change the world one step at a time, and with this project, he is launching a musical movement to do just that. Weaving together an array of genres with his progressive thinking, the music of Satellite Party tells a story about a collaborative brain trust of artistic visionaries, including writers, musicians and environmentalists called The Solutionists, who seek to redesign and come up with solutions for the world. Farrell says of The Solutionists, "We make change fashionable and use the arts as a catalyst for change."