Artist bio

Geoff "OnCue" Sarubbi is a 22-year-old Connecticut native/Brooklyn based Hip-Hop artist who is known for his unique way of blending Hip- Hop and Alternative Rock creating a fresh and eclectic sound. "I was the only kid I knew growing up who listened to both Wu-Tang Clan and Death Cab for Cutie," says OnCue, "the fact that I listened to a variety of music when I was younger definitely influenced the music I create today."

On September 7th, 2010, OnCue released, Cuey Sings the Blues presented by 2dopeboyz.com, Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. Its first single, "Crashing Down," garnered thousands of YouTube views and downloads in a matter of weeks, and had college students and tastemakers alike talking about OnCues fresh new sound. Goodmusicallday.com says, " This is one of the best 5 mixtapes of the year". Since then OnCue has released, "Leftovers", a mixtape based around songs that didnt make, "Cuey Sings the Blues", and has been booking shows all over the Northeast. Hes shared the stage with a variety of artists such as Kid Cudi, Pittbull, and 3OH!3.