Artist bio

Ive seen black birds f*#king on the side of the road, blunt, humorous, raw with an explosion of poignant resonance: music by NOVI is sure to send you to space.

Born in Ashland, Oregon (now based in Los Angeles), this nova star of the electro-pop galaxy, Carolyne Neuman, now known as NOVI, is hitting the scene like a bullet straight from a rifle. The star marries the charm of her small-town upbringing with the edgier elements of big-city Los Angeles in her forthcoming EP, Now Im Here.

The intro to her first EP captures her essence as an artist, and leads you through a psychedelic fantasy world filled with effervescent sounds that get you ready for the journey that is NOVI (derived from the Latin phrase 'Homo Novus, meaning 'New Man).

I wanted a stage name that was relevant to my actual name (Neuman, originating from a German nickname for 'a newcomer to an area), but would also align with my artistic vision, explains Novi. And that is exactly what she has done. Completely new to the music world as NOVI, Neuman brings something fresh and distinctive to electro-pop. Yet Neuman has already achieved recognition in the music world: her song All The Way appeared on the hit television series One Tree Hill. "That song came from a time when we were writing such honest, heavy-hearted music, and the impact was powerful. I want to keep that raw element alive; however, with Novi, we're headed in a more lighthearted direction. We want people to enjoy the humor and levity of life that is such a part of who I am. In addition, Neuman was featured on Cant Love Me, a song she and fellow friend and writer/producer/singer/songwriter Lee Miles co-wrote for the record album Human Resources by band Its Alive (Wind Up Records).

By teaming up with Miles (Oh My Stars, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Puddle of Mudd, Tickle Me Pink, etc), Novi has been able to produce a sound that mirrors her unique, quirky personality. Her electro-pop, rap induced and bass ridden music cant help but make you want to dance around your room when no ones looking. "I remember thinking it was a pretty cute joke when she sent me the demo, but when I woke up singing the hookI knew it was real shit somehow and after hearing the early stages of Blackbirds (which will be the first single off of Now Im Here"), combined with an effort to take her sound in another direction, the artist "Novi" was fully conceived, says Miles.

The single "Blackbirds" was mixed by music legend Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince). "When I first heard Novi's music I was struck by the strong originality and the defining musicality. They are great and very original sounding songs and her voice soars! I love listening back to these tracks now - they really hold up, says Brian of Cookie Jar Recording.

The single has already almost received it's first add to radio after getting an overwhelming response from one spin on a specialty show. Nerf, station program director for Clear Channels KTCL 93.3 Denver had this to say about the catchy Blackbirds, In the white-knuckled lead in to Keggs and Eggs this year, I happened to throw Blackbirds by Novi on the air during a station takeover with Producer Lee Miles. I had BARELY listened to it before putting it on. BIG MISTAKE! If I had paid closer attention I would have understood why my phones lit up and my email box got inundated with questions about the song. I would have noticed not only the high impact shock value, but also the total smash hit potential of the song. This song is the sound of water-cooler chatter, and the first station to get to it in each market takes home the buzz. Paper Planes, F___ You, Blackbirds.

Novi is currently rehearsing for regional shows with Blackbirds as the first single to mark her arrival onto the music scene. Meanwhile, the EP is tentatively slated for a Fall 2011 release. More music from Novi can be found on various web sites and social networking sites such as Reverb Nation, Facebook, and Soundcloud. You can visit the official Novi website at for music, news and links.