Nolita Knights

Artist bio

Australia, meet NYC. NYC, meet Australia. World, meet Nolita Knights, the Aussie-NYC fusion of musicians Dylan George Thomas (the Aussie) and Kobe Laurence.
Founded by Thomas, Nolita Knights got its start in the summer of 2011, after the two upstart musicians met back in Australia. Now relocated to New York, theyve most recently been spending time in a studio in Toronto, Canada, working on tracking new songs and plotting their next band move.
Kobe and I met a long time ago in Sydney, Australia at a social event, Thomas explains. Both of our dads were friends, and we became friends. We started playing music together in other peoples bands, and loved the idea of starting something for ourselves, being able to write and record our own songs.
Inspiration for Nolita Knights, Laurence continues, arrives from many mediums: film, live music, photography, and more.
We are always trying to feed our creativity with tonnes of different ideas, and hopefully out of that, we can create something original, Laurence says.
All artists, at some point, get cornered into defining or categorising their sound, and Nolita Knights are no exception. If we were to do so, our sound would lie somewhere between indie-pop and indie-folk, Laurence explains, with our favorite artists including The Everly Brothers, The National, and Death Cab for Cutie. But it can be so difficult to label your own music hopefully other people will take the initiative to do that.
Those people will have plenty of chances with the release of Nolita Knights brand new debut EP, Distance Kills, a striking and pretty, if dark, mix of tracks thats sure to up their ante on the indie-rock scene.
The EP was recorded up in Canada, in a town called Waterloo, Thomas explains. A dear friend of ours, Nathan Finochio, and his recording partner David Kuwabara have a great studio up there, so when it came to recording the EP, Nathan and David were the perfect fit.
Nolita Knights specifically chose an EP instead of a full-length set, Thomas says, so people could get a sample of their music without having to commit to purchasing an album.
As a new band, we wanted to put our best foot forward and bring out what we believe to be three great songs, he explains. The EP is a small collection of songs about our lives, and in saying that, we always try to make sure our lyrics are real and from personal experience.
Another valuable experience in Nolita Knights evolution as a band is working at their demoing studio just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they like to go to escape the City from time to time. Chances are thats where their next set of songs will take root.
Its been so productive for us to work there, away from everything, Laurence says. Most days we go into the studio at about 11 a.m., and work until about 2 a.m. Often we will start with an acoustic idea that one of us has written then we build it from there. If the painting is good to begin with, the frame should just complement the painting thats how we like to approach the production side of things. Its honestly one of the most enjoyable parts of being a band, being locked away somewhere simply making music we enjoy.