Noah Kahan

Artist bio

From the rural solitude of the quiet town of Strafford, VT (Population: 1000), Noah Kahan discovered his penchant for songwriting early on. Long, cold winters in the Vermont backcountry were spent honing his craft in the rolling hills of his familys 133
acre tree farm. This serene location provided the backdrop for countless adventures that ranged from typical boyhood antics to the more rebellious teenage exploration. The older that Noah got, the more he began to feel the pull of adulthood clash with the
familiarity of his adolescence. Drawing heavily from these experiences, Noahs songs
are laced with a youthful wisdom; nostalgia and whimsy taking a back seat to honesty and wit. He meets this conflict head on by acknowledging the loneliness of this new
phase of his life coupled with his desire to stay true to himself. Noahs writing reflects the all too universal feeling of being lost in ones own backyard and foreshadows the
excitement that comes with a leap into the unknown.
Now 20 years old, Noah once again finds himself deviating from the norm. As he follows a dream as old as he can remember, his childhood friends are choosing majors and preparing for more conventional careers. No stranger to feeling lost or isolated, he now chooses to embrace the uncertainty as fuel. The lyrics to his debut single Young Blood read as a letter of encouragement and advice to himself as he embarks on this
new adventure. He reminds himself to be surprised, keep hungry. Throughout
unexpected challenges and new revelations, Noah is staying true to his nature; questioning everything and enjoying the ride.