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Recording artist Nikki Lang started her musical career as a singer/songwriter at the age of 12. By 15, Nikki had appeared in clubs throughout Los Angeles both as a solo artist and with her band where she plays guitar. Today, as Nikki approaches 21, she has toured both nationally and internationally, been a featured artist on radio, TV, print and has caught the eye of music industry moguls as well as developed a loyal fan base. Nikki has graced notable venue stages small to mid-size (1500 capacity), such as the Roxy, Hotel Caf, Baked Potato, Cozys, House of Blues, the Mint, Genghis Cohen, the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Knitting Factory Concert Houses, (Reno, Spokane, Boise, Los Angeles,) Caf Was, the Coffee Gallery Backstage, the Union Room, and the Conga Room and venues through the United Kingdom and Canada. Nikki has played SXSW and at The Canadian Music and Monterey Jazz Festival. Inspired by the authenticity of singer songwriters Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, and Lily Allen, Nikki sings of self-discovery and empowerment that can be read like a handbook for girls coming of age, while also appealing to adult audiences.

Nikki writes about lifes experiences, love, heartbreak, boys, and lessons, from the lens of a young woman entering her twenties. My inspiration comes from everything that is around me. All of my songs are from true experiences; Im an observant person and I try to take everything in and put it into my music, according to Lang. Nikkis songs are ageless. Added to the lyric is her voice and instrumentation, which rings out clarity and precision, and can cross genres, as well as generations. Songs such as My Sad Hero, Cute but Stupid, and Bros before Hos speak directly to her fans and offer up a tongue-in-cheek way out of what sometimes can appear bottomless.

Nikkis is working on her new album with legend and Grammy Award winner Producer Val Garay who calls Nikki, A Game changer in the music business.

Her music has been featured on the radio and in a number of television placements including Lifetimes GIRL FIGHT, MTVs THE CHALLENGE: Battle of The Exes., and ABCs SWITCHED AT BIRTH.

Nikkis earlier projects included recording the EP, Feel Better, in which the title track was turned into a music video. The video was directed by Emmy-winning director Todd Robinson.

She has toured with Atlantic recording artist Robert Francis and has done a solo tour the UK.

Nikki as has been featured in national magazines including the cover of Diabetes Forecast and was awarded the cover of Ventura Boulevard Magazine. She has appeared on CBS New and been featured in USA Today and other national papers.

Recently her music video MY SAD HERO premiered on MTV.

Nikki is preparing a tour to support the release of her new single 100 Miles From Vegas that was produced by Val Garay.

Nikki has also been actively involved in charitable causes and fundraisers. In 2010, The American Diabetes Association created a unique fundraiser called, Download For Diabetes featuring the music of Nikki Lang where 100% of the proceeds for her song Feel Better went to the ADA.

Her voice and lyrics are mature beyond her years. Ive heard countless young singers perform and Nikki is at the top.

She is a beautiful girl with a fantastic voice.
Rosanne Cash

Nikkis singing and songwriting is first rate with a combination of focus and intelligence.?Jay Ferguson, film composer, musician

Nikki possesses exceptional potential.
Academy Award winning composer, John Williams

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