Artist bio

New Beat Fund birthed when a piggy bank with the words New Beat Fund encrypted on it was catapulted into the facade of a corporate building. No joke. Somewhere in that transaction it became apparent a jar full of fuck yous and I owe yous would no longer lend its help to an artist. So we started our own fund; no debts to the bullshit, just a direct deposit from yours truly and the people who vibe what it is were doing. And what exactly are we doing? Were letting our music run free, streaking down the beach, nuts hangin in the Cali breeze, smokin Cali trees. We shimmy shimmy to the sounds of the Timby, some Red Chili, Slim Shady, and one Foxy ass Lady. Reppin real music flowin from an honest place. Keepin true to who we are, how were feeling, what were seeing around us and the way we react to it. Everything New Beat Fund is done 100 percent by New Beat Fund. Burnie Baker, Fat Snapz Lalib, Buttonwill McKill, and Silky Johnson. No need for specificity. So vibe some tunes, whether youre coolin with your gurl or partying with your friends, this is for you. Have a good time, thats what were doing.