Nessa Barrett

Artist bio

Nessa Barrett moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles in pursuit of who she always wanted to be, but never believed she could become. That is, until she arrived at the recording studio for the first time in May 2020, sat down at the piano, and walked out with her first song, Pain, a soft-but-strong pop ballad that also served as her reintroduction to the worldit was released by Warner Records as her debut single just two months later. When Barrett began writing, she discovered that even when her songs focus on difficult emotions, the act of creating them was freeing. After a lifetime of holding backfacing down bullies, struggling with mental health, and wrestling with her dreamsshe realized that music was the thing that made her feel right. About a year before, Barrett began her search in a different medium and wound up with 16.3 million social media followers whod only gotten a surface-level look at the 18-year-old. There, she adopted a bubbly faade, but as an artist she flourishes as herself: a bit of a tomboy who prefers oversized clothes, dabbles across genres, and feels comfortable voicing darker truths. Pain is the start of her story and was left musically bare to give Barrett room to evolve in any direction her experiences and emotions dictate. In addition to sharing cathartic songslike her 808-boosted romantic-revenge anthem if u love meshe plans to use her platform for mental health advocacy, and to remind others whove struggled that theyre never alone.

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