Namgyal Lhamo

Artist bio

Namgyal Lhamo is an acclaimed exponent of Tibetan traditional singing and Tibetan Opera, Lhamo; She is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Starting at the age of 8, Namgyal Lhamo, recognized by many as a child prodigy; trained for fourteen years under great masters of Tibetan Opera and Classical Music at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts set up by H. H. the Dalai Lama. She went on to become the star performer of the TIPA. Through this passage she stepped into the tradition of the various kinds of classical and folk music of her country. Her interpretations of the Nangma and the Toeshe, Tibetan classical songs from the 17th century, have been universally acclaimed and she has been christened The Nightingale of Tibet.

She toured in 1998 through Holland, Germany and Belgium with Tibet Impressions and participated in global manifestations such as Earth Dance, World Artists for Tibet, the 50th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and performed at Freedom concerts in Amsterdam and New York city alongside acts like The Beastie Boys, Alanis Morissette and Bjrk.Since the 1980s Namgyal Lhamo lives in the Netherlands, still pursuing the mission to preserve Tibetan culture through her music.

Namgyal Lhamo performs solo and is accompanied on stage by her voice, the Tibetan lute (Dranyen) and her independent spirit. She also owns the eclectic vegetarian restaurant De Werfkring in Utrecht. Besides her singing, she has developed a unique style of songwriting that is deeply rooted in her Tibetan tradition, free of political discourse but astoundingly powerful in communicating Tibets culture in a modern environment.
Her latest albums "Pure" - classical-based Tibetan songs - and "The Enchanted Land" - a collaboration with electronic lounge musician Arnav Srivastava - have been released worldwide in August 2007.
The first music video release from her upcoming album,the critically acclaimed 'Paradise Lost' made its festival debut by screening in competition at the Asian Hotshots Berlin film festival in January 2009 and continues its festival run with screenings at The Tibet Film Festival in London in 2010.

'Paradise Lost' was voted the Best Music Video at the 2009 Tibetan music awards.
Namgyal Lhamo has independently produced and acted in the film 'Karma' (Dir:Arvind Iyer) which is currently being distributed across Europe by Scandinavia's VoD channel Glimz.Her debut feature film as lead actor titled 'Drapchi' (Dir:Arvind Iyer) in the Tibetan language is scheduled for a 2011 release.

Source: Wikipedia