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Bands often use a self-titled album to stamp something a new beginning, a new sound, a career-defining batch of songs by which all of their other work can be measured. For the Alabama-based MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE, their new eponymous album represents all of these things and more marking both a new chapter for the members and the advent of a refined sound they've been chasing since the band's inception.

"This album is really a new beginning," explains guitarist Robert Bloomfield. "I feel we really found our sound. It's definitely still MCMB, but with a new flare that we've always loved and understood, but could never figure out a way to translate into our music."

"Everything we've done as a band all comes together in this one record," Bloomfield adds. "Everything we've learned along the way. We put all our love and hate into it. It's the best album in our career so far."
Produced by esteemed producer Zeuss (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, SUICIDE SILENCE, etc) at his Planet Z studios in Hadley, MA, MYCHIDREN MYBRIDE finds the band reaching deep mentally and emotionally for what is without a doubt their crowning achievement thus far, a hard-hitting, experimental, cinematic opus that will set a fire in the hearts of old and new fans alike. With a no-holds-barred approach to programming and effects, and good old-fashioned brutal riffage not to mention a new level of dynamics from frontman Matthew Hasting MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE have boldly redefined themselves for this new chapter of their career.

Bloomfield credits Zeuss for helping the geographically dispersed band whose members call Alabama, California, Mississippi and Geneva home when they're not on the road unite to create what could be the defining album of their careers.

"Honestly, Zeuss is the reason the album turned out the way it did," Bloomfield explains. "He basically forced us to write as an entire band all five members sitting in a room and writing every song as a live band, unlike a lot of bands nowadays. Doing so made sure every song on the album would translate live exactly how we wanted them to. We knew it would give us the most energetic live songs weve ever written."

With a combined 50,000+ copies sold of their first two albums, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE have staked their claim in the world of heavy music. This latest effort marks their third album in just over four years, during which they've also maintained a rigorous tour schedule that has seen the band support some of the biggest names in the genre, including AS I LAY DYING, AUGUST BURNS RED, UNEARTH, DEVILDRIVER, SUICIDE SILENCE and more. MYCHIDREN
MYBRIDE is an album that serves as both an exclamation point on what MCMB has achieved so far through two acclaimed albums and relentless touring, and a launching pad for all that this emerging rock powerhouse has yet to

"MCMB is here to spread a message of positivity, and we want to take that message as far as we can this record," says Hasting. "We're so proud of the new album and everything we accomplished with it, and we can't wait for everyone to hear it! We will be touring around the world and hitting every country we can, so be ready! We've just begun!"

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