My Woshin Mashin

Artist bio

My Woshin Mashin (that's right - My Woshin Mashin) was created by 3 friends from Russia and Germany. It happened in 2010 when Bibi and Hugo have left their previous bands and decided to make something new and different. Together with Scherman (their German friend who lives in Berlin, Kpenick) they gave a strange name to the project - My Woshin Mashin. Later, under the influence of german dance tunes, mike patton stuff, english metall bands and old school music these three aliens have released their first demo-tape "Amazing Demo", extended play "We Came in Peace" and their first long-play "Mawama" which was ("amazing (9/10)" by Patrik Lindstrm (Brutal Resonance), "funkelnden Kitsch" by C.Kutzer (Zillo)). Right now the band is based in Berlin and Twer.

Source: Artist Facebook Page