My Goodness

Artist bio

Seattle duo My Goodness know all about musical chemistry. They keep their blues-infused bluster simple. Economical. They pare it back to the bare bones. Guitar and drums. Vocals cutting through the middle. Because with My Goodness less is more. Synchronicity and simplicity. Its about liberation too and the unreconstructed idea of having fun. Just plugging in and letting rip. Its about amplified, electrified music. Stroppy, wired and armed with tunes a-plenty. Just as it should be.

My Goodness connection to the Seattle music they grew up on is strikingly audible. Bands from Nirvana and Soundgarden, to bands from the early 00s Seattle hardcore scene such as Botch, Blood Brothers, Murder City Devils, and Horkonen were on heavy rotation for Joel and Andy throughout their formative years. Dig deeper still and you find them tapping into a rich seam of blues, old and new from Muddy Waters through Junior Kimbrough and RL Burnside to the musical sass of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Though a very different prospect, the energy, intensity and attitude of hardcore and the groove of the blues feeds into everything My Goodness does. Ultimately its all rock music though. Big throbbing rock music.