Mother Mother

Artist bio

THE STICKS starts off with opening track "Omen", that begins with a sweet and haunting piano motif followed by the innocent timbre of a five-year-old lad singing alongside Ryan, "something about the world today makes a boy feel a bit insane. This brief and dichotomous lullaby sets up the album's ominous title track perfectly, like a calm before the storm. The albums lead off single "Lets Fall In Love", an ironic homage to tunesmith Cole Porter, is a moody yet epic song about the foolhardy games we play in the arena of romance: "Stupid does it, ugly do it Let's fall in love". The Beatles-esque number Latter Days is a playful anthem for the hermitic and reclusive while "Little Pistol", a paranoidal suicide ballad, is one of the most dramatic and dynamic songs on the album; laden with lilting strings, bass clarinet and a stunning vocal arrangement. In a similar vein is "Waiting For The World To End", the album's penultimate track, told from an indifferent and impatient onlooker of the impending apocalypse. "To The Wild", a steady and mesmerizing song hauntingly carried by Molly Guldemond in her unique, airy voice, is the perfect closer to an intense and dynamic journey, distilling the record's theme in a few simple words: "Take off your cage, and go back to the wild".

Of course any Mother Mother album could not be fully realized without the accompaniment of a striking visual interpretation by Mother Mothers resident artist Molly Guldemond. Veering away from the signature animal themes of its three predecessors, THE STICKS album artwork quite simply and effectively encapsulates the darker subject matter of the records sonic offerings. The cover features Mother Mothers signature tri-scratch design taking the form of three yellow sticks against a white background maligned with a stenciling of the group moniker and album title with black spray paint, while the artwork inside the packaging depicts the orderly, complex and calculated modern world in a losing battle against nature, wild and anarchistic. "The songs lent themselves to artistic interpretation with a rich pool of imagery to draw from, shares Molly, there are a lot of literal translations of the lyrics in the artwork. I love strong simple graphics, and I like how they juxtapose with the theme of this record. It's the untamable chaos of nature crashing into the man-made structure of pop culture."

THE STICKS follows a whirlwind year of near constant touring in support of Mother Mothers previous release, the critically acclaimed EUREKA. The album once again put Mother Mother at the top of Canadas indie charts, but also planted the group quite prominently onto the mainstream radar. EUREKA produced three Top 20 alternative radio singles including the infectious smash hit The Stand which peaked at #3 at Canadian alternative (#5 at modern rock), and yielded a Juno-nominated music video. Already widely commended for their exceptional live show, it comes as no surprise that Mother Mothers popularity on the heels of EUREKA further translated into sold out performances at 1000-2000 capacity venues in nearly every major market in Canada and rendered the group a summer music festival attraction with appearances at some of Canadas most popular music festivals such as Ottawa Blues Fest, Osheaga, Hillside and Calgary Stampede to name a few. The albums success also earned the group their first Juno Award nomination, as well as two Sirius XM Indie Award nominations. Internationally, Mother Mothers reception is already mirroring that of their homelands, indicative by the recognition theyve garnered from institutions such as BBC Radio, MTV, and tastemaker publications Q, Spin and Paste among others.

Mother Mothers rapid ascent from an acoustic folk trio touring the open mics of their hometown to an internationally revered alternative pop/rock five-piece touring the clubs, theaters and event centers of North America and Europe not only demonstrates just how far theyve come but has also blazed the trail for whats to follow. Featuring the multi-talented line up of Ryan Guldemond (vocals/guitar), Molly Guldemond (vocals/synth), Jasmin Parkin (vocals/keys), Jeremy Page (bass/horns) and Ali Siadat (percussion/electronics), Mother Mothers unique blend of clever lyrics, stunning vocals, quirky arrangements and a multi-dimensional sound both on stage and in the studio has amassed the group a reputation thats brought about their celebration as indie darlings, all the while endearing to the mainstream. The release of THE STICKS to the world promises to maintain that delicate balance for the group while poising them for far greater milestone accomplishments and accolades both domestically and abroad.