Artist bio

Montmartre merge aggressive and intricate guitars with melodic, funk bass and set them to a backdrop of programmed beats and synths. With the addition of a frontman with exceptional vocal ability, previously likened to Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley, the band's sound is complete.

Originating in Birmingham, the three friends from school - Joe, Richard, and Matt formed the band in January 2013. The idea for the band name came from when Richard and Joe played at the same gig (in separate bands) in the Montmartre region of Paris in 2007. Joe was previously the leader of the Joe Allen Band which met their demise the following year having carved themselves a steady and loyal following in the Oxford music scene and gained management from Supervision (Franz Ferdinand, The Cribs). The three ended up living together in London; Joe on 'musical hiatus, Richard writing, recording and performing under various guises (including headlining the London Palladium) and Matt concentrating on remixes and beats. Eventually they decided to combine their efforts and formed Montmartre.