Artist bio

This summer the Swedish band MOMOFOKO will release a brand new, sparkling, colourful, energetic, and of course dance friendly single. The single, WE KNOW, is the first in a series of digital releases that together will become a full album in the early spring of 2013. MOMOFOKO aims to get an even closer relationship with the crowds hungry for dancing and hope to do so by releasing our song as soon as they are ready for the dance floors. WE KNOW and the upcoming releases is produced by MOMOFOKO and the producer Anders Alexander, and this time MOMOFOKO fully uses the advantages of the many members and possibilities that brings. Dance, rhythm and playfulness is and will always be, the main focus when it comes to MOMOFOKO and it shines through on this studio recording too.

MOMOFOKO plays dance floor rock, a funky variation of pop, an electro take on rock, a funky six-piece living drum machine.

The latest album Momoism was released in April 2011 only days before the band went on tour in Germany. At the same time the video for What you want to hear was voted as number three on the German TV-station Go TVs hit list.

The fact that the song Hush was used in a commercial for Sony Ericsson also helped to spread the word of the eclectic MOMOFOKO sound. The success paved the way for an amazing tour which will be followed up by festival shows during the summer and yet another tour during the autumn.

The bands earlier production, the mini-album Not Now!...Now? was also released in Sweden and a number of European countries. The only single Control was successful on radio, TV and the music press. For example it reached number one on the German TV-station Yavidos hot list. The mini album was also given the crediting rating of 5/5 in what at the time was Swedens biggest music magazine: Groove Magazine.