Artist bio

The four members of MODOC (Clint Culberson on vocals/guitars, Kyle Addison on lead guitars/vocals, Caleb Crockett on bass/vocals and John Carlson on drums/vocals) first met through the regional music scene at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Culberson, who had previously lived in a nearby, one stop light town called Modoc, suggested the name during a band brainstorming session. The moniker was unique, direct and memorable. And it somehow fit perfectly.

Having turned out two blistering, full-length albums of potent, unvarnished rock in little less than 18 months, the four-piece is turning heads and earning favor with many of the citys industry heavyweights, not to mention fans. Managers, producers, publishers even network television have taken notice of one of the smartest, most original sounds to come out of Nashville in a long time.