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Modern Inventors have devised their own unique musical niche in a staggeringly short amount of time, but Matt Kass and Josh Benus are not in the business of cheap thrills. The Philadelphia-based duo, whose debut album Trains & Aeroplanes" will be self-released in December 2012, craft songs as if they were pieces of abstract art that patiently blossom into view; carefully rendered arrangements, heartbreaking harmonies and dense turns of phrases slowly creep up into the foreground upon repeated listens. The single Hello," for instance, is an ode to suburban teenage angst inspired by acclaimed American painter Eric Fischl. Goodbye Northbrook Drive" segues a rustic folk composition into a massive crescendo that prods at feelings of emotional paralysis. And then theres the groups pop-infused cover of Paul McCartneys Every Night" which has earned praise from Macca himself.
Matt Kass and Josh Benus met on tour in 2007, in Connecticut as longtime musicians and members of two different bands, and a mutual admiration led to their first collaboration Kass producing Benus first solo album two years later. Soon, the duos chemistry was recognized and a band dynamic formed, with Benus serving as chief songwriter and Kass recording, producing, mixing and engineering the groups material. Other musicians have been brought in to add unique flavor to individual songs and performances, but Kass and Benus two-man partnership has already been the most fruitful of their respective careers. Our aim was to create something that was viable and tangible at a large level, while still maintaining artistic integrity," explains Benus, whose songwriting style has been compared to that of Jackson Browne and Jeff Tweedy.

Although it took years for Kass and Benus to find each other, Modern Inventors ascent has been rapid. After playing their first show together at the beginning of 2012, the duo quickly found support from Philadelphias WXPN-FM, which invited the band to perform at its World Cafe Live platform last June. The radio station then asked Modern Inventors to record a Paul McCartney cover in honor of the music legends 70th birthday, and after the groups take on Every Night" became popular on WXPN, the version eventually made it to the former Beatle himself, who tipped his cap at the tribute in an email to the group. He said he was 'chuffed, which is a British phrase meaning 'moved," says Kass.

Upon its December release, Trains & Aeroplanes" will represent the next step for Modern Inventors, who are constantly writing new tunes while refining their stage show. Before their debut drops, the group will be releasing the single Hello" in October and performing at Philadelphias Theater of the Living Arts on Oct. 17th. Following a December release party in Philly, Modern Inventors plan to spend 2013 supporting their debut album with tour dates across the country. The duo has made waves locally for months, but for many, Trains & Aeroplanes" will serve as a pristine introduction to Modern Inventors. Kass says, This album highlights the evolution of this band, from this long-ago idea of what it could be, to what it really is."

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