Mixel Pixel

Artist bio

Visionary artist Rob Corradetti (AKA Contact Kid), who at the age of 15 survived being struck by lightning, originally created Mixel Pixel. Upon coming back from a near-death experience, Rob found his perceptions altered and his desire to create music and art accelerated to a startling rate. He started calling his sound collage and music creations Mixel Pixel, a name that came to him from out of the void and seemed to describe his altered perception of sound and colors. Sound had color and texture. Color had sound.

Mixel Pixel was officially born in Wilmington, Delaware, on Rob's 4 track. The year was 1998. Soon after beginning his home recordings, Rob met Matty Kaukeinen at the University of Delaware college radio station, where the two found a common interest in The Doors, Frank Zappa, and other 60's psychedelic pop music. Matty began immediately lending his musical input to the Mixel Pixel tapes in the form of bass guitar and drums. In summer of 1999, the two friends moved from their house in Delaware to a tiny apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Honing their live set for a whole year, they began playing shows in 2001 with the likes of fellow (weirdo) pop musicians, Quintron, Atom and His Package, and Cat Power.