Artist bio

new york was wearing on kyle wilson, lead singer & songwriter for the brooklyn-based quintet milagres. so he took off, away from the city and his band and his issues... all the way to the coldest, most remote part of british columbia where he could get some space and breathe. as so often happens in life, he got a little more space than he bargained for during a rock climbing trip he fell and ended up spending months bedridden with a back injury. before he left new york, wilson had thought he might leave the band behind entirely. but during the long days of his recovery he found himself writing songs again, and he realized he wanted to go back.

upon his return to nyc, wilson drafted fraser mcculloch (bass, backing vocals, keys) into his new vision of milagres, sharing with him the arrangements that he dreamt of while recovering from his injury. these demos were then refined with the addition of eric schwortz (guitar, backing vocals, percussion), chris brazee (piano/keys) and steven leventhal (drums, percussion), evolving into what would become the new groups first lp, glowing mouth.