Melody Federer

Artist bio

Both truthful and relatable, singer-songwriter, Melody Federer weaves captivating, raw and emotion-filled stories based on a life full of love, loss and adventure. On the move since her youth, she has already collected a long and winding roads worth of memories that she pulls from for inspiration, but her travels are just beginning. Already established as a writer for many of musics top artists, Melody is ready to step back into the spotlight and share her story with the world.

Originally from Dallas, Melody became enthralled with music on account of her father, a pastor, who taught her to sing and play hymns on guitar. At the young age of 20, she ran away to Paris, accompanied by a jazz pianist she met at a party in New York. After receiving a record deal in Los Angeles, the duo left Paris, but soon found themselves unable to record an album due to insufficient funds. Melody broke from her partner and began to busking before securing a residency where she soon caught the ear of Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter Billy Mann (P!nk, Robyn, Sting), who offered her a full-time publishing deal with his company Green & Bloom, a joint venture with BMG.. Since signing, she has written songs for the likes of Kelly Rowland, Hilary Duff, and Jacob Whitesides.

Standing the first single from her upcoming album, When the Dogwoods Bloom, captures the hearts of listeners as Melodys honest vocals soar above a swirling guitar and violin track. Taking elements from country, jazz and folk, the gifted artist displays her strength despite adversity, repeating like a mantra, here we are still standing. The track begins with a bare guitar line, and then launches into her passionate declaration of love despite complications, with which Melody is all too familiar. We've been through it all. Getting pregnant unexpectedly after dating only a few months, moving across the country, my fianc losing a job and the three of us having to start over, she recounts. But sometimes I feel like life breaks you down so you can find the truth of who you are, and start over from there, without all the ego and fear. Her new music shows a development away from the pop-driven ballads of her past and towards a more intimate, down-to-earth sound.

As she readies her new album, Melody is grateful to begin yet another adventure. With this album I felt free to be led by feeling again. It appears that this newfound freedom will lead her to big things in 2016.