Martin Eden

Artist bio

Martin Eden (Matthew Cooper of Eluvium) shares a new music video and song called "return life" from his debut LP, Dedicate Function. Along with the director, Eric Macey, the two piece together moving pictures of a "family vacation" using a series of old Super 8 rolls that Macey shot over the past 10 years. They wanted to create less literal memories and more visceral ones, matching the pulse and the fluctuations in the rolling shutter with the rhythm of the track. Ultimately it's a series of collected memories in images involving people and places. Some very vivid, some just barely discernable and hard to place in time. Check it out over at Ad Hoc!

Matthew Cooper started making music under the name Eluvium in 2003, and since then we have never known what to expect from each release: minimal ambience, solo piano, modern classical, static noise, stately and sonorous pop. Restlessness, restfulness, wonder, and wanderlust. Emotionally direct, and emotionally indirect. A listen to the Eluvium catalog is a wide-eyed stroll through a museum of different eras of the human experience. The diversity of sounds has been held together with a gorgeous but beguiling unity that always lets you know that Eluvium is your guide along this stroll.

It was a bit of a surprise to hear that Cooper's latest project would be released under a different name, but a listen to that project makes the reasoning evident. It is a world of off-kilter beats and unidentifiable instrument loops and keyboard swells. It somehow manages to be cold and alien and warm and human. The album's centerpieces, "Verions" and "Hum", are woozy and swirling and darkly beautiful head nods that hint at some of the assumed influences for the album (The Field, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Kraftwerk), while sounding a world apart from them. And a world apart from Eluvium.

The name for this new world of sound is Martin Eden. His debut LP, Dedicate Function, is now available on Lefse Records.