Make The Girl Dance

Artist bio

A band name, a promise to the girls. Since 3 years, this frenchy duet touringnnightclubs
all around the world for only one reason : convulse all the dancefloors
even if they have to play the butcher role and strike where it hurts. Since
their first music video to the worldwide success Baby Baby Baby , they
navigate between the girly electro hit dirty and turbines that cause bleeding
eyes. Constantly torn between their various influences electro, rock, folk and
hip-hop they finally decided not to make choices. Since their first DJ Booth
where they insist to listen only on the track to their album today, a mixture of all
that their ears are stored forever.

It appears that we only have one occasion to make a first album. Then they
took the time to think about it. If when they play on stage they like to show us
big burning missiles electronic brain, an album must also be able to be listen
on a beach or in a car, slowly or at full speed, closing the eyes or hopping. So
this first album will follow a single guideline, the only one they managed to hold
true from the beginning: dancing girls. In every possible way. Gently swinging
the head or picking up the neck. Whatever.

Thus was born a real album slide finally assumed. An album with three drawers,
more precisely, Soft, Pop and Hard. Three variations of electronic
music for three different moods. Because sometimes the punks wanted to
poetry and sometimes nice girls to roll over. And because they are also a little
punk and a little girl, Greg and Pierre had not put stress to dial the first game.
They wrote, thinking of Phoenix, AC / DC, Bloody Beetroots, to Daft Punk,
Justice, the Birdy Nam Nam, Run DMC, to Drive Pilot, Lily Allen, the Beastie
Boys, Sebastien Tellier, to Empire of The Sun, the Ting Tings, the Strokes, Tahiti
80, the Arctic Monkeys, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Simon and Garfunkel, with
Sebastian, Sun, Rage Against the Machine, the Cyberpunkers and sometimes
even Elvis Presley. Shaking a bit it returned 15 titles. Of tracks, songs, turbines,
and even interludes to lull the children. Pieces often constructed with friends :
Lisa Li Lund (The Big Crush Theory), Marie Flore or Krause to write pretty
melodies, Solange La Frange to scream her rage, Little Barrie to do in his
Gibson to ask her Naughty J (NTM) scratches, choirs and guitarist Brigitte to
arrange all of this, and even their wives to sing on tracks that become hits. In
the end, 15 consistent tracks, with a crescendo energy, mixed by Antoine Gaillet
and Vicarious Bliss. An album which represent their sets that have made
their earlier reputation, a rise in devastating blows hot and cold on your neck. It
begins with a mild thrill and it ends in a bloodbath. But dont worry about anything,
it is only music. Music for dancing girls and boys train with them.

And no matter what, because Greg and Pierre have read one day on the
bathroom wall of the club Baby in Munich, Everything is gonna be ok in
the end ... if its not ok, it IS NOT the end.