Madison Malone

Artist bio

Madison Malone is stepping out of her artistic shell to release songs that use the light to recognize the dark. Her new music is the beauty created beneath the destruction.

Raised in a small farm town in south-central Wisconsin, Madison was an anomaly in her blue collar city. She started sneaking into rural dive bars at the age of 15 to play cover music for patrons until 2 am, paid only in pizza & tips. She spent the next seven years building a following in the Midwest, gigging in restaurants, around the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, clubs, bars, banquet halls, four to six times a week just to pay the bills & get her voice heard.

After seven years of performing other peoples music, Madison felt inclined to evolve and write about her own troubadour experiences. To pursue this neon journey of self-discovery, Madison moved to Los Angeles in late 2016. When Madison first arrived in Los Angeles, she began writing songs for artists at Sony Music, creating music for commercials at Barking Owl in Santa Monica, and landing featuring slots on high-profile artists' tracks (Anthony Federov of American Idol, Leonell Cassio, Raye Zaragoza, APZE, Mic Kellogg). She also began making a name for herself as a songwriter at the world famous, Hotel Caf, after selling out both stages with her duo Love, Love (Beck Pete), and opening for artists like Kaleo, Wrabel, Rozzi Crane, Ari Herstand, and Tall Heights. Through all these experiences, Madison was developing her personal artistry.

After living in LA for a bit, Madison felt compelled to leave the noise and obligations of the city to go back to her simple roots in order to truly expose the artist growing inside of her. She isolated herself for 5 weeks in a sleepy town outside of Montreal to write & record her album in a ski chalet with French-Canadian producer, Hugo Montecristo Bombardier (Cirque Du Soleil/Sony Music). Between the snow-capped stillness of the countryside and the motion left stirring inside her from the City of Angels, she was able to look within and find the purest form of her voice & artistry. What procured is a diverse collection that combines her origin of the cozy Midwest, with the international flavor of Europe, and the experimental hum of the West Coast.

Madison Malone intends for her music to be the saving grace in times of distress. It is her mission to plaster the sky with the eyes of love & hope.