Mackenzie Sol

Artist bio

Every generation has its superstars. The eighties gave us Michael Jackson, the nineties launched Justin Timberlake, and the early two thousands are synonymous with Justin Bieber. Today, we welcome the next generation of talent in singer, songwriter, dancer and actor Mackenzie Sol.

Launching from humble beginnings in Northern England, Mackenzie was first noticed by Simon Cowell during his X-Factor UK audition at four years of age. From there, he went on to star in numerous stage productions. Most notably, Mackenzie played the title role in West Ends Youth Theatre rendition of Billy Elliot. Through his work with Tony and Olivier Award winning director Stephen David Daldry, Mackenzie brought the role of Billy Elliot to life. The Royal Ballet School in London, England took notice and offered Mackenzie a spot in their world-renowned training institution, where he studied for two years.

When he was just 13-years old, his talent expanded beyond the theater and across the pond when Mackenzie was invited to share the stage with Jennifer Hudson, Josh Groban, Kenneth Babyface Edmonds and other stars at the 2014 Carousel of Hope Ball in Los Angeles. David Foster directed the night of musical performances and Mackenzie kicked off the event with a rendition of the National Anthem.

Mackenzies presence and personality then caught the attention of a U.S. based management team comprised of record industry veterans, who have worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, *NSYNC and more. Recognizing Mackenzies immense potential as well as the depth and range of his musical and theatrical talent, Mackenzie was signed on as a client in 2015.

One of Mackenzies strengths is his attention to detail. Hes involved in every aspect of recording, going beyond simply performing and participating in the production and mixing. As a result, his personal touch defines his sound, which spans from theatrical delivery to entrancing and enigmatic pop. In 2016, he relocated to Los Angeles with his mother to bring his dream to life.

I was just a kid with a dream, says Mackenzie. L.A. is where you go when you have that sort of dream. I started to see it more clearly. I wanted to make fun and energetic pop music that felt different from what was out there.

His first official single, 2015s Never Letting You Go, made good on his goal of putting out a unique sound. His vision began to resonate with listeners everywhere on his next viral hit, My Name featuring television sensation Kalani Hilliker. Impressively, the video would amass over 4 million Youtube views and 140,000 streams on Spotify without any traditional promotion.

In late 2016, Mackenzie signed to The Hana Road Music Group, a record label with an artist first philosophy headed by top industry executives. Mackenzie serves as one of Hana Roads flagship artists. Additionally, in 2016 Mackenzie partnered with Awesomeness TV to launch his own channel and star in a myriad of content. He also garnered a 2016 Ubeat Music Awards nod for Act of the Year.

Now, Mackenzie kicks off 2017 with Laugh. Over simmering reggae-inspired beats, he delivers an undeniable and uplifting refrain, conveying a powerful message through a light-hearted pop anthem. Its something that can speak to everyone, Mackenzie says. Ive been pursuing this for a long time. Its not easy for anybody out there whos pushing to accomplish something. We all fall down at one point or another. Ive realized that once youve hit rock bottom, theres only one way to go- up. Sometimes, things get so bad, but you can still laugh it off. This song encourages that bit of joy when you need it most.

Id love for everyone to go on this journey with me, he says. I want them to see and feel everything- whether Im dancing, acting, or singing. I hope I can make them smile.

With his stunning dance moves, kinetic energy, electric charisma and powerhouse voice, Mackenzie Sol will undoubtedly be this generations next superstar.