Artist bio

The Manchester based band takes their positive EDM Hip Hop Pop flavor to the culture of their back yard of sorts. Lead singer Lindz West had a run with the law in his teen years and was staring at some unfortunate circumstances and vowed he would give back to the kids of his culture and community around. This has paid off in a huge way as LZ7 have dedicated some of their concert dates to high schools and prisons across the nation putting them in front of 750,000 + young people last year alone. Off the back of such positive reinforcement the band started within their Manchester community a schools curriculum that deals with todays social issues that includes a more positive approach in regards to drugs, sex and crime. Amongst the backyard touring, LZ7 also hit stadiums and festivals where they performed in front of 30,000 + crowds 2 years running in Holland, 25,000 + in Belarus along with other headline sets in New Zealand, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

This success also came off the back of the bands last couple of singles with the #1 position at iTunes in the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, and BULGARIA, Top 10 iTunes Chart in the NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, SWITERLAND, NORWAY, SWEDEN and DENMARK and landing on the UKs Music Weeks Chart at the #5 Dance Chart and the #26 position in the UK Top 40. So with this global success LZ7 is hoping to break the preverbal ceiling with this new music.