Artist bio

Lowell (real name Elizabeth Lowell Boland) is a singer-songwriter living in Toronto, Canada. Born in Calgary, she eventually migrated to the Yukon where she lived with her father in Carcross, near a mountain that once offered passage to gold hunters. Lowell drew strength from a desolate beachside cabin she and her father called home before finding her way to Massachusetts, Ottawa, Georgia, then back to Calgary before basing herself in Toronto and London. After earning the attention of Martin Terefe, Sacha Skarbek, James Bryan and Paul Herman, Lowell was invited to Kensaltown Studios in London to write with all of them. However, what they worked on wasnt in sync with her own vision - so, supported in her decision to stay true to herself, she and the pack scrapped what they had and started all over again. Soon, they saw the completion of her EP, I Killed Sara V., and the beginnings of her full-length record, We Loved Her Dearly - her debut album on Arts & Crafts.