Artist bio

Formed in the winter of 2012, Looms consists of frontman Sharif Mekawy (vocals, keys, guitar), Harry Morris Jr. (guitar), A. Hammond Murray (bass) and Zach Eichenhorn (drums). The groups music is written around vocals and melodic instrumental arrangements. Each song has its own identity, an evolving catalogue that runs the gamut of song construction. Rock, pop, jazz, electronic, country and folk music are dissected and deconstructed down to their basic components, and then reassembled during the bands writing process. The band is set to record new material in early 2015. Looms's newest compositions are equal parts rhythm and content with insightful, emotionally engaging vocals. Looms has built a grassroots fan base by captivating its audience. Fans return knowing they are not going to see a cookie cutter set because of the groups improvisational acumen within bridge and solo sections. Non-traditional covers and varied set lists build the mysticism and musical prowess of the group. Just imagine if Wilco and Coldplay had a baby adopted by Radiohead