Lonely Drifter Karen

Artist bio

Lonely Drifter Karen are a pop band from Brussels. The band consists of Austrian singer Tanja Frinta, keyboarder and producer Marc Meli Sobrevias from Spain and the two Frenchmen Maxime Malon on drums and Clment Marion on guitar, who joined the band in 2012.

Started as a solo project by Viennese-born Tanja Frinta while she was living in Sweden, Lonely Drifter Karen became a band when Frinta moved to Barcelona and met Italian drummer Giorgio Menossi and Majorcan keyboard player and arranger Marc Meli Sobrevias. From December 2006 until January 2008 Frinta and Meli had been recording the debut album Grass is Singing, which was released by Crammed Discs in May 2008 in Europe, June 2008 in the United States and September 2008 in Canada. The Canadian release of the album is in collaboration with Montreal based Semprini Records who has also released Lonely Drifter Karen's 7" The Owl Moans Low in July 2008. The Grass Is Singing album was enthusiastically welcomed by the press in several European countries.

Source: Wikipedia