Artist bio

The best songs will always define certain time periods. Youll hear the melodies and instantly be transported back to the moment when you first experienced them. Youll see the same sights and feel the same feelings as a result. In other words, youll get that same sonic bliss.

LIVEs catalog is filled with songs like those. Among those seminal tunes are mega hits such as Lightning Crashes, I Alone, All over You, and Lankinis Juice which remained pillars o the nineties both musically and culturally. Who can forget seeing the music video for Lightning Crashes on MTV for the first time or fiftieth time for that matter? Weve all sung along to I Alone at some point too. Thats just a fact.

Meanwhile, The Dolphins Cry and Overcome ushered the group into the 21st century triumphantly. Given anthems such as those, its not surprising the outfit sold 22 million albums worldwide and have become a veritable concert juggernaut. However, LIVEs got a whole new crop of songs on the horizon for 2013 that carry the same poetry, power, and passion.

The York, Pennsylvania legends burst on to the burgeoning alternative scene in 1991 with their major label debut, Mental Jewelry. The band lead guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer, drummer Chad Gracey, and founding vocalist ed Kowalczyk infused heartfelt melodies with raw energy for an inimitable style that stood out from the early nineties pack.

LIVEs sophomore set, Throwing Copper, solidified their status as bona fide superstars though. After fifty-two weeks it reached #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and eventually surpassed sales of 10 million in merely two years. Rolling Stone and MTV both dubbed the album One of the 25 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time, while tastemakers from Spin to The New York Times lauded it with equal praise.

Upon release, its 1997 follow up Secret Samadhi immediately shot to #1 on the Billboard Top 200 and eventually went six times platinum. However, on The Distance to Here in 1999, LIVE turned into an international powerhouse and jumped from arenas into stadiums all over the globe drive by the smash The Dolphins Cry. V and Birds of Pray followed, continuing to expand their legacy and satiate the rabid and faithful fan base that they had amassed over nearly two decades.

In 2008, the band initiated a hiatus, and Taylor, Gracey and Dahlheimer founded The Gracious few alongside Candleboxs Kevin martin and Sean Hennesey. The projects self-titled debut would go on to enjoy critical acclaim as they became a live draw in their own right.

However, LIVEs influence never dwindled in either the fans lives or the founding band mates. 2012 saw them reborn. Taylor, Gracey and Dahlheimer approached longtime friend Chris Shinn (United Theory) about potentially joining the group. After one practice session, the musicians had tapped in the same magic that characterized their early days. The creative process had been galvanized and rebooted, and LIVE re-entered the studio with Shinn behind the mic.

Once again, the band evolve on new material, having recently completed work on their eighth studio album enlisting the help of original LIVE producer Jerry Harrison (The Talking Heads). Due to be release in the fall of 2014, the quartet has re-invigorated its sound with effusive energy and massive hooks. The next era of LIVE has just begun, and there will undoubtedly be many more songs to sing along to.