Artist bio

Littlecrazy is a band whos energy is nothing close to tame. With the recent release of Devil Inside, their first debut album off of PCS Records LTD, LittleCrazy projects an immense amount of energy in Stone. With heavy influences on artists such as Pink, Metallica, The Calling, and even Neil Young, their eclectic interests have given them the ability to transform themselves into a creative style that doesnt come close to any other sound.

Guitarist Jamz had always dreamed of creating a band that would take on the entire world by storm, and on New Years Eve of 2010, he decided to stop wondering about his dreams and he soon started to put his plans in motion. He got in touch with Daz, an old band mate from school; Daz, also known as the Mad Hatter, reluctantly joined the band and can now be seen thrashing on the drums. The United Kingdom holds a great number of singers, but when Daz and Jamz found Amy, they were nothing but impressed. The band then added the missing links, the bass player Shades, Jem on guitar, and Sam and Holly, the energetic bunnies that can be seen jumping and dancing as they sing background vocals. This measly two-piece turned into a seven-piece band quickly, and it didnt take long for Littlecrazy to become recognized. It is with Stone that we see the true energy that emanates inside of these musicians, and as we watch them perform, talent literally spills out of each member.

Stone is a mesmerizing song that is full of energy and upbeat sounds. There is no denying the sultry vocals of Amy, and the entertaining background vocals of the sexy dancers known as Sam and Holly. The video shows the band taunting and walking toward the camera as they sing and create music that is influential to all music genres. Their ability to create a song that is so energetic and filled with emotions that are neither negative nor too positive gives listeners a chance to see the true sides of each member of Littlecrazy. Stone is an undeniable and well-rounded song that offers so much for this band, and with their introductory video, they will be taking on the world one song at a timejust like Daz had always dreamed of.