Lily Virginia

Artist bio

Bluish purple songs with silver-gold shimmers that s what Brooklyn-based artist Lily Virginia aims to convey with her upcoming album Play My Twice. The accomplished singer-songwriterblends honest lyrics and American folk/rock styles with subtle world grooves; sometimes singly high and ethereal, sometimes her voice reaches low and sensual but always singing authentically, present to her audience. Play Me Twice s songs yearn for a fulfilled life and self-realization, told through the lens of romance. Referencing the ache of single living in NYC to a desire for the freedom of the road, they are heartfelt but not without humor (the pop-psychodelia Deep Dreaming is about being a mermaid) The lead track, Long Time is a modern take on the R&B slowjam. Love You More follows with the paradox of loving the absent lover more for being gone, while All Night focuses on the freedom of the open road and the desire for liberation from self-imposed shackles. The wordy Single in Brooklyn verses ramble urgently until they explode into the anthemic chorus. Te Extrano is so beautifully styled it s almost an ironic cover of a Latin pop hit by the 2006 bachata boy band XTREME, Deep Dreaming takes us sonically underwater while realizing about your true self which in this case happens to be a mermaid, TV Screens and Videos is an upbeat a tongue-in-cheek tune about seeking ego validation through social media. Atlantic, the final full band track, is fluid and soothing like the ocean and with its refrain of Play Me Twice, lullabies our fears of the unknown away. Ukelele Song, sounds like a saccharine love song but takes a darkly comic twist at the end. Play Me Twice as a whole, is a landscape of confessional lyrics and shimmering sounds. Listeners are invited to walk into this world with Virginia as she releases Play Me Twice in a series of music videos shot live during the recording sessions at Studio 42 - Italian born Berklee educated drummer, collaborator and producer Alessio Romano s studio ( After each release, Virginia and Romano record a corresponding podcast that talks about the creation each song, interviews other likeminded bands and fans can have their questions about Play Me Twice answered in the accompanying podcast via social media or texting her music phone directly at: +1-917-746-0723. This interactive component is a theme for Virginia who seeks creating strong connections in her performances, lyrics and media projects such as the Dreamtrain project ( After the release of her debut EP in 2014, she ran an innovative 2-month Kickstarter campaign, #SingToEverything, to raise the funds for the 9-song PLAY ME TWICE. It included a game component that solicited backers to vote on who should receive surprise serenades and then Lily Virginia went and made a video of herself the winning options: a deliveryman, a Fire Station with a three year-old guest, a homeless dinner etc. Lily Virginia has played for live audiences throughout the U.S. at venues including NYC's BAM, Rockwood Music Hall, Highline Ballroom, and beyond in Boston, Philadelphia, California, Austin's SXSW and even Puerto Rico.
During the day, Lily is an independent, children s music entertainer operating with her kids band ' The Lilypads and performing daily for the very young of NYC. A debut EP of children s music has just been finished. Boston born, Berkeley raised, and Brooklyn based for the past seven years, her formative years were nurtured by her ' save the world doctor parents, who for example took her and her younger sister with them on year-long W.H.O. placement in Nicaragua healing the peoples wounds after their civil war. Likewise, her maternal grandparents (both published authors: one a historical feminist, and the other an academic psychiatrist and key developer of group therapy) helped foster a love for the written word, learning and the power of truly listening. She went to Scripps College in Southern California where she studied ethnomusicology. A complete music nerd, she DJ d a weekly show at her college radio station and wrote her Senior Thesis on The Ethical Use of Music in Political Documentary Film.School completed, Lily drove cross-country, California to NYC, to work with noted film/TV composers Gil Talmi and Andrew Gross. After 4 years of learning how to hear music and working as music editor for several TV shows, Ms. Virginia became attuned to the cinematic use of music and creating soundscapes. It s no surprise that a unique artist emerged from an interesting background. As you might expect, there was a lot of guitar study including a year in Argentina and Brazil learning tango, bossa and traditional folk styles, but unusually her pursuit of songwriting and music was actually born during high school inspired by training Capoeira a Brazilian music and dance infused martial art that she continued for seven years. Drawing upon all her life influences, Play Me Twice comes to us as a fully formed statement of a life of living fully, making mistakes, listening, learning and even having some fun. Play Me Twice reveals itself as a work that bears repeating more than once.