Lili Kendall

Artist bio

Any way you look at it, Lili Kendall has most definitely got something going on. At just 15 years of age, this young artist
has already experienced more musical adventures than songwriters many years her senior.

She began writing songs at just 11 and it wasnt long before people started taking notice not just of her songs, but her striking and instinctive voice. When her vocal teacher heard the young artist croon with that genuinely warm soulful tone, she asked how shed learned to do that with her voice? Lili replied: "Do what with my voice?"

After spending several years refining her vocal and songwriting abilities, Lili is now set to release her debut EP, Beginnings.

After making a trip to LA during the summer of 2012 to do a live interview on Roshada Powell's "Get In if You Fit In" radio station, Lili was referred to up and coming LA producer and songwriter Jeffrey Joslin. The two instantly hit it off creatively and crafted four songs in two

Little did they know this would be the beginning of a musical collaboration that would result in her debut six-song EP. The two recorded the
tracks between LA and Brisbane and the release is scheduled for February, 2013.

In her voice you can hear traces of an old soul. Her songs seem to come from a life lived many times before this one, as she possesses songwriting maturity beyond her years and Beginnings explores the perceptions of a young woman trying to find her place in this world. Whether the songs are stripped back or soaring, the EP puts her voice and songwriting strength front and centre.

Lili Kendall sings her story, inviting you to experience the beginning of a musical career that's certain to last for many more years to come.