Lila Rose

Artist bio

Lila has always stood out from the crowd In substance, style and appearance she has never been average. Born with ultra sound sensitivity, Lilas experience of the world around her has been quite out of the ordinary, and very much sonically based. Lila is both blessed and afflicted with sounds that most people cannot hear; while this is a gift when it comes to making music, it can also lead to great personal discomfort at times
A one-time actress and world traveler, Lila became enamored with the expressive form of music in 2004, and has thrown herself headlong into pursuit of the perfect articulation in song. Armed with a distinctive voice and a compassionate understanding of the world around her, Lila writes songs whose sweeping musical vision and aesthetic beauty is matched only by the depth of her poetry. After spending much of her teenage years struggling with depression, Lila has emerged from the darkness like a blue rose unfurling before the morning sun; rare in beauty and aspect, and with a sound that imprints itself upon your mind.
Lila Rose began her ascent to music stardom five years ago in her native Canada. Two singles with GRAMMY winning producer Pete Prilesnik (Great Big Sea, Ashley MacIsaac, Sarah Harmer) earned Lila some attention, but due to business concerns never received the push they deserved. However a trip to the US West Coast led Lila to what would become her second home, and the launch point of the next phase of her career: San Francisco. It was here that Lilas first EP, Osmos Your Sonica, was born in 2009, but that was just an appetizer for what was to come next.
On January 10th 2012, Lila released her full-length album, Heart Machine, which she co-produced with David Earl (aka SFLogicNinja.) A masterpiece of sound, song craft and technology, Heart Machine bends the genres of Electronica, Indie pop, trip-hop and alternative rock around an emotional core, finding a critical musical mass that is explosive in its intensity and brilliant in its light. Lila writes from the well of her experiences, building on the pain of human existence to create songs that speak to the human heart. Out of each shadow she culls light, uplifting, inspiring, and offering hope in lieu of even the greatest challenges of the heart, soul and mind
The singer/songwriter now makes her home in Berkeley, a perfect backdrop for her quirky and unusual style. While Lila writes within the boundaries of classic pop song structure, her songs could be called anything but traditional. Lilas voice is difficult to describe, but imagine a triangle formed by the smoky alto of Fiona Apple, the gritty edge of Ani Difranco and the pure tone of Adele and put Lila right in the middle. You simply have to hear her voice to believe it, and she sings with such intensity its breathtaking. On stage, Lila is a tour de force; you cant help but get caught up in her pop star mystique. Away from the stage she exudes a grace and humility thats stunning. Lila isnt simply enchanting; she engages those around her on a personal level that is unusual in a society built on thirty second attention spans. Lila is honest, accessible and full of an integrity that is not expected in popular culture. If you were to sit next to her on a bus youd never dream she was a pop star; but you might think youd just met the sweetest person in the world.
So many artists sell themselves on the honesty of their art, but Lila walks the walk every single day. A spiritual soul, she works to make the world around her a better place, both in what she says and what she does. Besides her spiritual commitment, Lila is a strong advocate for LGBT issues, animal rights, native rights and environmental issues. Lila plans to be the first artist to release an album whose artwork is on 100% tree-free kenaf paper.
Lila isnt content with simply breaking new ground. Although she just released Heart Machine, she is already planning her next solo project: a stripped-down acoustic work that displays the heart and soul of her stirring songwriting style. An emo-tronica EP with collaborator Eric Denniston is also in the works, due to be released under the name SoHeart in the winter of 2012. For Lila, the music never stops; it is a way of understanding the world around her. She transforms her experiences into song, and transcends the darkness that so long kept her at bay.
Lila Rose radiates ebullience on stage. There is a beauty to her that is neither physical nor effable; a glow that emanates from deep within. It shines through her music like a beacon for all who have been lost, yet retain hope and faith enough to see. With a voice that rings out of the darkness like the first probing beam of dawn, Lila makes an indelible impression.

Source: Artist Site