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In the Court of the Wrestling Let's, the debut album by England's Let's Wrestle, was recorded in a basement in Whitechapel, underneath the only ukulele shop in Europe, by three young bucks - Wesley Patrick Gonzalez (vocals and guitar), Mike Lightning (bass and vocals) and Darkus Bishop (drums)-and studio engineer Simon Trought.

Let's Wrestle met years ago and bonded over meat and records, and after a while, a band was formed. Let's Wrestle have influences as vast as Black Flag, Faust, and Edith Piaf but are ultimately trying to be as raw as possible. They aim to write songs that make your soul crumble as well as make you smile, sing along, and clap your hands.

The songs for In the Court of the Wrestling Let's were written in bedrooms and arranged at soundchecks over a period of two years. Though originally intended as a punk record, it developed into more than that, with songs influenced by rock-and-roll ballads by Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly ("In Dreams," "My Schedule") and the psychedelic rock of Barrett-era Pink Floyd ("In the Court of the Wrestling Let's"). But overall, it still remains a punk rock record.

Let's Wrestle tend to write about strange subjects. This album includes songs about:
- a faceless woman inside your head that you are in love with;
- getting a job so you can buy girls drinks at clubs;
- how bass player Mike Lightning's hair looks like Princess Diana's from the point of view of a homosexual man who is in love with the dead princess; and
- a really famous crack addict.

Dr. Gavin Sparks, aka singer/guitarist Wesley Patrick Gonzalez, issued the following statement upon being signed to Merge Records:

"As I sit here watching Richie Rich on Halloween, I think of the exciting Merge release of Let's Wrestle. They are Big Rock Stars in England, fighting off girls and suing all the other pop stars (they once sued Seal and Heidi Klum for custody of their children), but are relatively unknown in the US. Let's Wrestle are getting ready to play poker with the Yankee big dogs. Now when I say 'Yankee big dogs,' I mean 'Great fucking Danes,' which is something you have probably heard about Merge. These guys are ruthless! We don't know if Merge has a motto, but I imagine it might be 'don't play with wasps if you don't want to get stung by wasps.' The future looks pretty Mergetastic and Wrestlerific! I think you'll agree!"

Let's Wrestle is Wesley Patrick Gonzalez (vocals and guitar), Mike Lightning (bass and vocals), and Darkus Bishop (drums).