Lelia Broussard

Artist bio

My career in bullet points because bios are boring.

- i was an egg, then i was fertilized, then i was born.

- first concert, paul simon age 3 the cajun dome in Lafayette Louisiana. cool

- Cajun Dome again, age 6, I sang Patsy Clines Crazy in front of 15,000 people, they cheered, that was cooler

- sang incessantly all through childhood, annoyed the crap out of my mother

- i once had 15 cats.creepy right?

- the first song i wrote was about my orthodontist

- recorded my first record in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- moved to new york when i was 17

- waited tables, got fired for yelling at my boss

- i've been an under paid full time musician ever since.

- started working with magnetic writer and producer rob fusari (of bootylicious and now miz lady gaga fame)

- toured extensively throughout the US

- signed a publishing deal with Rondor Universal Music Group

- moved to Los Angeles, California

- met Snoop Dogg (I called him Mr. Dogg) at the Grammys (did I say met? I mean I saw him)

- wrote wrote wrote

- recorded Waiting On The 9 with producer, Dave Trumfio (Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Built to Spill)

- Ellen Degeneres follows me on Twitter (its a bullet point, Ellen is a big deal!)

- wrote song about incredibly sad robot in love called Satellite

- recorded new record "Masquerade" with producer extrordinaire Dan Romer

-on tour 2011/2012