Lavender Diamond

Artist bio

Inspired by a character in a mysterious traveling operetta, Lavender Diamond is a band that transcends genre, enchanting fans with the pure celestial beauty of the human voice. It is music for your little sister looking for a post-Glee pop hero to sing along with in the car. It is for a psychedelic music head looking to transcend, a pop critic wanting for something to deconstruct, or any listener looking for someplace to go. It is music that is purposeful and needed, a work of bold and uncompromising creativity that cuts through the hyper-saturated mumbo jumbo and bad vibes of modern life, straight and true as an arrow mounted on a lightbeam.

Lavender Diamond are back with their second full length LP, Incorruptible Heart, on OK Gos newly minted Paracadute record label. Produced by Damian Kulash and mixed by longtime Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann, Lavender Diamond's Incorruptible Heart is an instruction manual for your heart, ready to get it pumping with joy, ache, and song. Given leader Becky Stark's open-hearted forays into acting, art, design, writing, comedy, dance, semiotics, and women's choirs, it is surely not only music. But, Incorruptible Heart is also very, very much an album, and a special, ambitious one at that.

Incorruptible Heart available on vinyl, CD & download September 25, 2012.