Artist bio

Hailing from Boston, MA, LARCENIST is about to change everything you know about music. Self-described as "Doom Folk," the group blissfully combines elements of folk, country, soul and rock, which goes above and beyond to create the perfect musical atmosphere. With stories of small town heroes, blue-collar ethics and the decay of industrious cities, Larcenist not only shares these stories, but makes the listener feel like they are part of them.

Just off the heels of their newest release Eager City, Patient Country, the band shows how a collaboration of multiple songwriters can create a unified sound that is adaptive and unique.

Tracks such as their first single, "Faithful" is filled with gorgeous strings, twangy guitars, and harmonies that are skillfully crafted and equally as captivating. The group unleashes a sound that is not only unique, but one that you will surely remember. With every listen, Larcenist will have you falling in love with their music even more.

Larcenist has spent the last six years in clubs and basements along the East Coast, using these places and experiences to dial in their sound. With gang vocals and storytelling perspectives, theyll draw you in and make you wonder why youre just learning about them now.