Artist bio

Kwes is a British record producer, songwriter and musician.

As a producer he has worked with Big Dada signed Dels on his 2011 debut album Gob[10] and The xx earlier on in their career, producing an early version of their song "Insects". He has also co-produced a mixtape entitled Kwesachu Mixtape Vol.1, with Micachu (as "Kwesachu"), alongside MCs Dels & Ghostpoet, with appearances from London pop-bands, including Golden Silvers and The Invisible. Matthew Herbert touted him as a musician and producer to watch, admiring his "really unusual, experimental approach".

Kwes is also a solo artist. XL Recordings imprint Salvia released limited edition single "Hearts in Home/Tissues" on 16 February 2009. Kwes released his debut EP "No Need To Run" on Young Turks/XL on 28 June 2010. He is currently signed to Warp Records.

Kwes has also reworked several artists including Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewletts opera 'Monkey, Portico Quartet and Zero 7 amongst many others.

Kanye West and his tour DJ Mano sampled Kwes' song 'LGOYH' for Pusha T's track "Who I Am", which is to feature on Pusha T's debut album "My Name Is My Name".

Source: Wikipedia