Katja Glieson

Artist bio

Katja is a singer/songwriter from Australia, who first gained recognition for playing 'Elsa' in the hugely popular viral video 'Princess Rap Battle', which has had over 110 million views on YouTube. Since then she has been working on her original music that has been described as raw and brutally honest progressive pop.

Far from the privileged princess she portrayed in the rap battle, Katja is committed to sharing her story and past of bullying, abuse, obesity and other challenges that stem from her origins growing up in a low income community in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Her story inspires others through her strength and resilience that she has achieved only by being willing to be open and vulnerable. Being a person who can literally relate to those who struggle through very difficult life challenges is a huge passion for her, so she can be the example, through her music, that one can overcome circumstances that hold us back. Her music and her message inspires a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone.