Kat Solar

Artist bio

Kat Solars debut album Snake Eyes takes you on a journey with a strong female character that is bold, sexy and full of adventure. Solar is the female James Bond meets sex kitten Bridget Bardot. The modern pop songs are about embracing sexuality, freedom, and life. The arrangements span the globe from the international rock-dance track Snake Eyes to the glittery discotheque feel of Doing What Feels Good. Kat Solar (born Katrina Connor) grew up in Detroit where her earliest memories were of dancing to her parents' early rock and roll, classic soul and Motown records. Working in the dramatic arts from a young age Solar brings a very theatrical edge to her style both musically and visually. In her own wordsHave fun. Dont become a robot. And if you must, for however long you must, remember to shine and dance and sing until your neighbors hate you.

Rave Review- Kat Solar in OUT Magazine

"Solar demonstrates that she has DIVA DNA"
-OUT Magazine

Source: Artist Facebook Page