Kady Z

Artist bio

Music has always been a huge part of KADY Zs life. As the daughter of prominent singer and actress Pia Zadora, KADY Z began performing at the age of 3 onstage with her mother, developing her connection with audiences. That sense of belonging soon grew into an unstoppable dream. Realizing that music was her true calling, she dove in head -first and never looked back.

KADY Z draws inspiration from purveyors of originality and feminine power like electro-pop goddess Robyn and pop icon Gwen Stefani. They are both so innovative and fresh, paying attention to every detail and aiming for perfection. I think thats what makes someone great. They are about the music -- the music is always first. And that is what separates them from the rest.

Her debut album, ONE MILLION PIECES was co-written and produced by ToneDef (Green Day, Santana, Chris Isaak). ToneDef set out to help KADY Z realize her musical vision: as she puts it, "unique dance music with a soul."

I have always wanted to create music that not only makes you smile, but makes you want to dance your heart out." Through lyrics laced in sentiment and personality coupled with breezy melodies and infectious dance beats, ONE MILLION PIECES offers a taste of the way a young woman explores the landscapes of love.

Her first single Beautiful Disaster has become an instant hit, charting at #53 on the Radio Top 100. Its juicy hooks quickly earned KADY Z a place in the hearts of many music lovers. Other standout tracks on the EP include Fun, a light-hearted and wry spin on the phrase hes just not that into you, which was written about one of her close friends, and Save Me From Yourself, a song about that weak-in-the-knees feeling brought on by a certain member of the opposite sex. KADY Z also poured her own passion into a classic song, in her cover of Robbie Williamss Feel, which deals with being given the gift of life and knowing how to use it.

After an exclusive debut on The Huffington Post, KADY Zs new single, Crashing Down was released on iTunes on November 12. This innovative and memorable pop ballad about survival in the face of adversity is emblematic of KADY Zs growth as an artist and the skyrocketing trajectory of her musical craft. It was also featured on the front of the iTunes homepage on the day of its release.

Soon after the release of Crashing Down, KADY Z was invited to make a guest appearance on the hit show "RuPauls Drag Race" alongside Kelly Osbourne and Jillian Hervey, the daughter of Vanessa Williams. She was joined by guest judges Rosie Perez and Mary Wilson of The Supremes, who were blown away by KADY Zs beauty and charm. KADY Zs television appearance gained her a huge swath of new fans and became a perfect complement to the biggest year of KADY Zs life!