Just Visiting

Artist bio

Just Visiting is an alternative rock band that formed in December 2000. The band currently consists of Johnny Roset Cervini (singer, songwriter, guitarist), Mike Burke (rhythm guitar) and Dennis Burke (bass guitar). The band recorded several demo recordings over the last decade, and finally released its official self-titled debut album via the independent label, Black House Records, LLC in Summer 2011.

The band began when Cervini ended up in the same dorm building as rhythm guitarist, Mike Burke. Their friendship and common interest in the guitar would serve as the basis for Just Visiting for over a decade. Upon graduation, the two went back to their respective hometowns about an hour away from each other.

Under the assumption that something as simple as rehearsals would become a daunting task, Cervini pursued forming a band named Just Visiting with other members. However, when demo time came, Cervini knew to tap Burke (Mike) to helm guitar duties. Cervini didn't have to go far in order to find a competent and creative bassist. Burke's younger brother, Dennis, was available for the demo session that spawned "Life In A Shoebox" and "Glass Of Whine" as the English-language singles and "Para Ti" and "Te Prometo" as the Spanish singles.

The band has recorded full-length music videos for the brooding "Glass Of Whine," the pop/rock gem "Life In A Shoebox," the Spanish hit "Para Ti," and the romantic ballad "You're So Pretty" from the latest album, "The Adventures Of Johnny Jameson."

Just Visiting is being played on rock radio stations nationwide (terrestrial, satellite, and online). Expect to see and hear more of Just Visiting with the new album release, "The Adventures Of Johnny Jameson."

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